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ECE Conducting Course
1 – 1 January 1970
A course for advanced and intermediate conducting students.

Gain generous ‘podium’ time, performance experience and tuition from Paul Spicer and other acclaimed tutors.

ECE Conducting Students – Application
1 – 1 January 1970

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1: General information
Your name:
State / Region / Province
Please tell us about your vocal range, being as detailed as possible; in particular, if you regularly sing one part but are comfortable singing another, please indicate this.
Voice details:
Special food requirements:
2: Further information
Please answer these questions as completely as possible.
Please provide a link to a YouTube video of you conducting and singing. It can be a video focused on your conducting, but we must hear you sing at least a little. NOTE: If you have been on the course before, or Daniel Galbreath has indicated you needn’t provide a video, you may leave this section blank.
YouTube link:
Please tell us about your background and education as a musician (max. 200 words):
Please tell us about your conducting experience (max. 200 words):
If you would like to be considered for financial aid, please provide a short statement (max. 150 words) discussing how this support would benefit you. Please note: we can only offer financial aid to applicants who fill out this field:
Advanced conductor: Please tick the appropriate box if you would like to be considered for the Advanced Conductor role, leading pieces in rehearsal with the main ECE choir. Advanced Conductors automatically receive a £50 additional scholarship:
Would you be interested in playing the organ for the final Eucharist service in the Abbey? (The organist will automatically receive a £50 additional scholarship.) If so, please tell us briefly about your background as an organist (max. 150 words). Please note, we may ask for additional recordings of your playing.
Please tell us how you chose this course:
Data protection:

Signing up for this course means that you give us permission to contact you regarding your membership of it. We would also like to keep you in the ECE family and would be grateful if you would join us

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