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with Paul Spicer
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Dore Abbey
18 – 24 July 2021
Dore Abbey is located in west Herefordshire in the beautiful Golden Valley, just a short distance from the Welsh border. Dating from 1147 it is a former Cistercian abbey that would once have rivalled many cathedrals for size. [More…]

Abbey Dore Week, 18 – 24 July 2021

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Sorry, this course is now full

  • Cost
  • Please note that SAT bookings are now only for the waiting list.

    The fee for the course is £ 535 per person (or £ 435 not including meals). No deposit is required for 2021.

    Payment by bank transfer is preferred, or by cheque if this is not possible. Payment details are:
    NatWest: Experience Arts Ltd
    Sort code: 53-70-15
    A/c no: 73669032
    Please put your name as a recognisable reference

    The course fee, plus any additional amounts for music and additional meals, is payable in full by 21 June 2021.

    Refunds policy

  • Singing Experience
  • This course is for experienced singers. Part of the enjoyment of this week will be singing to as high a standard as possible. It is expected that those attending will have taken the time before they arrive to have learned the notes as far as is possible, so that as little time as possible is spent ‘note-bashing’

    Please note that most of the negative feedback from previous courses is from people’s frustration with those who have not taken the time and effort to prepare in advance. We lose our good singers in this way.

  • Consort
  • Please think carefully before joining up. Whilst it is good that people want to do as much singing as possible in the week, it is important that we keep the original concept of the Consort being a small chamber choir of high quality. It is an advantage for members of the Consort to be able to assimilate music quickly as there is a lot of music to learn in a short space of time. They must also commit to attending all the rehearsals and services.

    Paul reserves the right to prune the numbers for reasons of balance and quality. Nevertheless, if you know you are a good, capable singer please join up!

    If we need to be socially distanced, we may have to limit Consort numbers to 8 or 10 members.

    Consort repertoire:
    Richard Farrant, Hide not thou thy face from us, O Lord
    Orlando Gibbons, Short Service, Nunc Dimittis
    Orlando Gibbons, Almighty and everlasting God
    Paul Spicer, Christ’s Love Song
    Harold Darke, Communion Service in E
    Farrant/Hilton, Lord, for thy tender mercy’s sake