Paul Spicer's English Choral Experience

ECE repertoire history

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Composer Title Year Course
Andrew O Lux Beata Trinitas 2016 ECE Scholars
Andrew COMABlues 2017 ECE Scholars
Armstrong A Passer-by 2018 Abbey Dore
Armstrong Gibbs Five Elizabethan Lyrics 2014 Abbey Dore
Ashley She Was a Visitor 2017 ECE Scholars
Bach, J C Lieber Herr Gott, wecke uns auf 2016 Camerata St Cross
Bach, J C Fürchte dich nicht 2017 Camerata Durham
Bach, J C Der Gerechte, ob er gleich 2017 Camerata St Cross
Bach, J C Ich lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich den 2020 Camerata Bach
Bach, J L Unsere Trübsal 2020 Camerata Bach
Bach, J L Das ist meine Freude 2020 Camerata Bach
Bach, J M Fürchtet euch nicht 2017 Camerata Durham
Bach, J S Ich lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich denn (BWV Anhang 159) 2016 Camerata St Cross
Bach, J S Komm, Jesu, Komm BWV229 2018 Camerata Bach
Bach, J S Singet dem Herrn BWV225 2018 Camerata Bach
Bach, J S Der Geist hilft BWV 226 2019 Camerata Bach
Bach, J S Jesu meine Freude BWV 227 2019 Camerata Bach
Bach, J S Fürchte dich nicht BWV228 2020 Camerata Bach
Bach, Johann Unser Leben ist ein Schatten 2020 Camerata Bach
Bairstow Jesu, the very thought of thee 2019 Abbey Dore
Barber Reincarnations 2015 Camerata Dore Abbey
Batten O Sing Joyfully 2018 Abbey Dore
Beamish Bird Year (2 ? 4 movements) 2017 ECE Scholars
Bennett I wonder as I wander 2018 Camerata Durham
Bennett Lullaby baby 2018 Camerata Durham
Berkeley Missa Brevis 2019 Abbey Dore
Bernstein Almighty Father from Mass 2019 ECE Scholars
Bingham Ave Virgo Sanctissima 2016 Camerata St Cross
Bloch Silent Devotion from Avodath Hakodesh 2019 ECE Scholars
Blow God is our hope and strength 2017 Abbey Dore
Bouzignac In pace in idipsum 2016 Abroad
Boyce All the ends of the world (Coronation Anthem) 2013 Abbey Dore
Boyce I was Glad (Coronation Anthem) 2013 Abbey Dore
Brahms O Heiland, reiss die Himmel auf 2016 Camerata Orford
Brahms Warum ist das Licht gegeben dem Mühseligen 2016 Camerata Orford
Brahms Fünf Gesänge 2017 Camerata St Cross
Brahms Drei geistliches Chöre op.37 2019 Camerata Orford Upper Voices
Britten Choral Dances from ‘Gloriana’ 2013 Abbey Dore
Britten Choral Dances from ‘Gloriana’ 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Britten Five Flower Songs 2015 Abroad
Britten Deus in adjutorium meum 2015 Camerata Orford
Britten Old Joe 2016 Abbey Dore
Britten Song of the Fishermen 2016 Abbey Dore
Britten Carry her over the water 2016 Camerata Orford
Britten A Hymn of St Columba 2018 Abbey Dore
Britten Hymn to St. Peter 2018 Abbey Dore
Britten Gloriana Dances 2018 Camerata Durham
Britten Festival Te Deum 2019 Abbey Dore
Brouwer Canciones Amatorias 2018 ECE Scholars
Bruckner Ave Maria 2015 Camerata Orford
Bruckner Os justi 2015 Camerata Orford
Bruckner Ave Maria 2019 Abroad
Bruckner Christus factus est 2019 Abroad
Bruckner Locus iste 2019 Abroad
Bruckner Os justi 2019 Abroad
Byrd Sing joyfully 2011 Abbey Dore
Byrd Haec Dies 2012 Abbey Dore
Byrd Non vos relinquam orphanos 2013 Abbey Dore
Byrd O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth 2013 Abbey Dore
Byrd Senex puerum portabat 2013 Abroad
Byrd Ave Verum 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Byrd Mass in Four Parts 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Byrd Sing Joyfully 2014 Abroad
Byrd Sing Joyfully 2014 Camerata Dore Abbey
Byrd Laetentur Coeli 2015 Abbey Dore
Byrd Miserere Mei 2016 Abbey Dore
Byrd Great Service: Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis 2016 Camerata Orford
Byrd O quam gloriosum 2017 Abbey Dore
Byrd Sing joyfully 2017 Camerata Durham
Byrd Laudibus in sanctis 2019 Abbey Dore
Byrd Sing Joyfully 2019 Camerata Gregynog
Byrd Memento Salutis Auctor 2019 Camerata Orford Upper Voices
Capillas Alleluia: Dic Nobis, Maria 2018 ECE Scholars
Capillas Cui Luna, Sol, et omnia 2018 ECE Scholars
Caplet Messe a Trois Voix 2019 Camerata Orford Upper Voices
Carissimi Plorate, filii Israel, from Jepthe 2013 Abroad
Carpenter In Paradisum 2017 Camerata St Cross
Chilcott Tallis Canon 2016 Abbey Dore
Chilcott Pachelbel’s Canon (Rosa Mystica) 2017 Abbey Dore
Chilcott Pray that Jerusalem may have peace 2018 Abroad
Clarke Ave Maria 2016 ECE Scholars
Clarke Music When Soft Voices Die 2016 ECE Scholars
Clarke Now Fie on Love 2016 ECE Scholars
Copland Have mercy on us, O my Lord 2018 Abroad
Copland Help us, O Lord 2018 Abroad
Copland Sing ye praises to our King 2018 Abroad
Copland Thou, O Jehovah, abideth forever 2018 Abroad
Copland Four Motets, I 2019 ECE Scholars
Copland Four Motets, IV 2019 ECE Scholars
Corona Penas 2018 ECE Scholars
Corona Solo de Guitarra 2018 ECE Scholars
Darke Communion Service in E 2015 Abbey Dore
Darke An Hymn of Heavenly Beauty 2017 Abbey Dore
Delius Five early partsongs 2015 Abroad
Dering Factum est Silentium 2014 Abbey Dore
Dering Factum est Silentium 2019 Abbey Dore
Desprez Ave Maria 2014 Abroad
Dove Into thy hands 2015 Camerata Dore Abbey
Dove Into thy hands 2016 Camerata Orford
Dowland Come heavy sleep 2010 Abbey Dore
Duruflé Quatre Motets 2015 Abroad
Dyson Quo Vadis Part 1 2008 Abbey Dore
Dyson The Blacksmiths 2009 Abbey Dore
Dyson From Madrigals and Partsongs 2010 Abbey Dore
Dyson The Canterbury Pilgrims 2010 Abbey Dore
Dyson Four Songs for Sailors 2014 Abbey Dore
Dyson I loved a lass 2014 Camerata Dore Abbey
Dyson To Music 2014 Camerata Dore Abbey
Dyson In Honour of the City 2015 Abbey Dore
Dyson Hierusalem 2018 Abbey Dore
Dyson To Music 2018 Abroad
Dyson Agincourt 2019 Abbey Dore
Elgar As torrents in summer 2010 Abbey Dore
Elgar My love dwelt in a northern land 2010 Abbey Dore
Elgar There is sweet music 2010 Abbey Dore
Elgar Love’s Tempest 2017 Camerata Durham
Elgar Serenade 2017 Camerata Durham
Elgar The Fountain 2017 Camerata Durham
Elgar The shower 2017 Camerata Durham
Elgar Unaccompanied Part Songs 2017 Camerata Durham
Fauré Requiem 2014 Abroad
Ferguson The Dream of the Rood 2009 Abbey Dore
Ferguson Amore Langueo 2016 Abbey Dore
Finzi Seven Partsongs to Poems by Robert Bridges 2007 Abbey Dore
Finzi Intimations of Immortality 2011 Abbey Dore
Finzi For St Cecilia 2013 Abbey Dore
Finzi Three Short Elegies 2018 Abbey Dore
Finzi Clear and gentle stream 2018 Abroad
Finzi Haste on my joys 2018 Abroad
Finzi I praise the tender flower 2018 Abroad
Finzi My spirit sang all day 2018 Abroad
Finzi Welcome sweet and sacred feast 2019 Abbey Dore
Ford Since first I saw your face 2010 Abbey Dore
Gibbons O Clap your hands 2009 Abbey Dore
Gibbons Great King of Gods 2013 Abroad
Gibbons Hosanna to the son of David 2015 Abbey Dore
Gibbons The silver swan 2018 Camerata Durham
Ginastera The Lamentations of Jeremiah 2018 ECE Scholars
Gjeilo Second Eve 2015 Camerata Dore Abbey
Gjeilo Ubi Caritas II: Through infinite ages 2016 Camerata Orford
Grieg Ave maris stella 2015 Camerata Orford
Gurney The Trumpet 2007 Abbey Dore
Handel Hear, Jacob’s God (from Samson based on Carissimi) 2013 Abroad
Harris The Hound of Heaven 2015 Abbey Dore
Harris Behold the tabernacle of God 2018 Abbey Dore
Hemson The Prayer of this Place 2014 Abbey Dore
Hensel Lockung 2016 ECE Scholars
Hensel Schilflied 2016 ECE Scholars
Hewitt Jones Oculi omnium 2014 Camerata Dore Abbey
Higdon Sanctus 2017 ECE Scholars
Hirsch Ose Shalom 2019 ECE Scholars
Holst, Gustav I love my love 2011 Abbey Dore
Holst, Gustav This have I done for my true love 2016 Camerata Orford
Holst, Gustav This have I done for my true love 2017 Abroad
Holst, Gustav Ave Maria 2018 Camerata Orford
Holst, Gustav Songs from the Princess 2019 Camerata Orford Upper Voices
Holst, Imogen In heaven it is always autumn 2019 Camerata Orford Upper Voices
Howells Behold, O God, our Defender 2013 Abbey Dore
Howells Hymn to St Cecilia 2013 Abroad
Howells O Salutaris Hostia 2013 Abroad
Howells Haec Dies 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Howells Te Deum 2016 Abbey Dore
Howells Collegium Regale 2017 Abbey Dore
Howells Before me careless lying 2017 Abroad
Ireland A Cradle Song 2012 Abbey Dore
Ireland Immortality 2012 Abbey Dore
Ireland The Hills 2012 Abbey Dore
Ireland A Cradle Song 2019 Abroad
Ireland Immortality 2019 Abroad
Ireland The Hills 2019 Abroad
Jackson Communion Service in G 2018 Abbey Dore
John Blow Salvator Mundi 2014 Abroad
Joubert The Souls of the Righteous 2013 Abroad
Joubert O Lorde, the maker of al thing 2017 Abbey Dore
Joubert There is no rose 2017 Abbey Dore
Joubert This is the gate of the Lord 2017 Abbey Dore
Kelly Veni sancte spiritus 2017 Camerata Durham
Kirbye Vox in Rama 2018 Abbey Dore
Lauridsen Ave Maria 2015 Camerata Orford
Lauridsen O nata lux 2015 Camerata Orford
Leighton Missa Brevis (5 movements) 2017 ECE Scholars
Leighton Six Elizabethan Lyrics 2018 Camerata Orford
Lienás Lamentatio in Coena Domini 2018 ECE Scholars
Lobo Missa O Rex Gloriae 2019 Camerata Gregynog
MacMillan Divo Aloysio Sacrum 2008 Abbey Dore
MacMillan Cecilia Virgo 2014 Camerata Dore Abbey
MacMillan Mitte Manum Tuam 2017 ECE Scholars
MacMillan O Radiant Dawn 2018 Abbey Dore
Mathias Rex Gloriae 2019 Camerata Gregynog
Mealor She walks in beauty 2019 Camerata Gregynog
Moeran Songs of Springtime 2008 Abbey Dore
Moeran Songs of Springtime 2019 Abroad
Monk Panda Chant 2016 ECE Scholars
Morley Now is the month of maying 2010 Abbey Dore
Morley Out of the deep have I called unto thee, O Lord 2013 Abroad
Morley Laboravi in gemitu meo 2019 Abbey Dore
Moulinié Lauda Sion 2012 Abroad
Moulinié Fulcite me floribus 2017 Abroad
Mouton Alleluia, Confitemini Domino 2014 Abroad
Mouton In illo tempore 2014 Abroad
Mudd Let thy merciful ears 2014 Camerata Dore Abbey
Mundy O Lord the Maker 2014 Abbey Dore
Pärt Bogoróditse Djévo 2017 ECE Scholars
Palestrina Missa Brevis 2014 Abbey Dore
Palestrina Missa Papae Marcelli (excl. Credo) 2015 Camerata Orford
Palestrina Missa Brevis 2017 Abroad
Palestrina Ave Maria 2018 Camerata Orford
Palestrina Motet (Antiphon) and Mass: Veni sponsa Christi (in four parts, without Credo) 2019 Abroad
Parry At the round earth's imagined corners 2009 Abbey Dore
Parry Lord, let me know mine end 2009 Abbey Dore
Parry There is an old belief 2009 Abbey Dore
Parry I know my soul hath power 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Parry My soul, there is a country 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Parry Never, weather beaten sail 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Parry There is an Old Belief 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Parry Partsongs 2015 Abbey Dore
Parsons Ave Maria 2012 Abbey Dore
Parsons Ave Maris 2016 Abbey Dore
Pearsall Lay a garland 2010 Abbey Dore
Peerson Man dream no more 2019 Abbey Dore
Philips Ascendit Deus 2015 Camerata Dore Abbey
Philips Ascendit Deus 2016 Abbey Dore
Philips Surgens Jesus 2018 Abbey Dore
Phinot Missa Si Bona Suscepimus 2015 Abroad
Phinot Pater peccavi 2017 Camerata St Cross
Ponce Todo mi Bien e Perdido 2018 ECE Scholars
Poulenc Salve Regina 2014 Abroad
Poulenc Ave verum corpus 2018 Camerata Orford
Purcell My heart is inditing 2008 Abbey Dore
Purcell Lord, how long wilt thou be angry? 2012 Abbey Dore
Purcell Hear my Prayer 2013 Abbey Dore
Purcell I was Glad 2013 Abbey Dore
Purcell Jehovah quam multi sunt hostes 2015 Abroad
Purcell Remember not, Lord, thou our offences 2015 Camerata Dore Abbey
R Strauss Sieben Lieder 2018 Camerata Durham
Rachmaninov Mass in B flat 2014 Camerata Dore Abbey
Rachmaninov Magnificat (adapted by Eric Arnold) 2016 Camerata St Cross
Rachmaninov Nunc Dimittis (adapted by Eric Arnold) 2016 Camerata St Cross
Rameau Laboravi clamans (Psalm 68) 2014 Abroad
Rossi Selections from Hymns & Canticles 2019 ECE Scholars
Rutter My true love hath my heart 2018 Camerata Orford
Rutter Open thou mine eyes 2019 Abroad
Sagi Sheva Tru'ot 2019 ECE Scholars
Saint-Saens Calmes des nuits 2014 Abroad
Saint-Saens Deux Choeurs, op.68 2014 Abroad
Saint-Saens Les fleurs et les arbres 2014 Abroad
Schoenfield Psalm 86 from Four Motets 2019 ECE Scholars
Smyth Sleepless Dreams 2016 ECE Scholars
Spencer At the Round Earth's imagined corners 2016 ECE Scholars
Spicer Alive 2011 Abbey Dore
Spicer To the Nightingale 2016 Abbey Dore
Spicer How do I love thee? 2018 Camerata Durham
Stanford Songs of the Fleet 2012 Abbey Dore
Stanford God and the Universe 2013 Abbey Dore
Stanford Heraclitus 2013 Abbey Dore
Stanford To Chloris 2013 Abbey Dore
Stanford From Partsongs op.119 2014 Camerata Dore Abbey
Stanford Communion Service in C 2016 Abbey Dore
Stanford Corydon arise 2017 Abroad
Stanford Heraclitus 2017 Abroad
Stanford The Bluebird 2017 Abroad
Stanford The swallow 2017 Abroad
Stanford To Chloris 2017 Abroad
Stanford Coelos ascendit hodie 2018 Camerata Durham
Stanford Heraclitus 2019 Abroad
Strozzi Gli Amanti Falliti 2016 ECE Scholars
Tallis Tallis Salvator mundi 2015 Abbey Dore
Tallis Salvator mundi 2017 Camerata Durham
Tallis O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit 2018 Abbey Dore
Tallis Te lucis ante terminum 2018 Abbey Dore
Tallis O Lord give thy holy spirit 2019 Abbey Dore
Taverner Western Wind Mass 2012 Abroad
Tippett Gwenllian (Wales) 2010 Abbey Dore
Tippett Poortith Cauld (Scotland) 2010 Abbey Dore
Tippett Gwenllian (Wales) 2019 Camerata Gregynog
Todd The Lord is my shepherd 2017 Abbey Dore
Tomkins When David Heard 2011 Abbey Dore
Tomkins When David Heard 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Tomkins I heard a voice 2016 Abbey Dore
Tomkins I heard a voice 2018 Abbey Dore
Tomkins Music Divine 2018 Camerata Durham
Treseder And I saw a new heaven 2016 Camerata St Cross
Tye Give Almes of thy Goods 2016 Abbey Dore
Tye Nunc Dimittis 2018 Abbey Dore
Tye Nunc Dimittis 2019 Abbey Dore
Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem 2007 Abbey Dore
Vaughan Williams The Turtle Dove 2011 Abbey Dore
Vaughan Williams Valiant for Truth 2011 Abbey Dore
Vaughan Williams A Sea Symphony 2012 Abbey Dore
Vaughan Williams Five Mystical Songs 2014 Abbey Dore
Vaughan Williams Toward the unknown region 2014 Abbey Dore
Vaughan Williams Five English Folksongs 2015 Camerata Dore Abbey
Vaughan Williams O Clap your Hands 2017 Abbey Dore
Victoria O Quam Gloriosum 2018 Abroad
Villa-Lobos Ave Maria (1932) 2018 ECE Scholars
Villa-Lobos Duas Lendas Ameríndias em Nheengatu 2018 ECE Scholars
Walford Davies Short Requiem 2013 Abroad
Weelkes The Adalusian merchant 2010 Abbey Dore
Weelkes Thule, the period of Cosmography 2010 Abbey Dore
Weelkes Alleluia 2013 Camerata Dore Abbey
Weelkes Hosanna to the Son of David 2014 Abbey Dore
Weelkes Hosanna to the Son of David 2015 Camerata Dore Abbey
Weelkes When David Heard 2015 Camerata Dore Abbey
Weelkes Gloria in excelsis 2016 Abbey Dore
Weelkes O Lord arise 2017 Abbey Dore
Weelkes Hosanna to the Son of David 2017 Camerata St Cross
Weir Folk Song (The Song Sung True) 2016 ECE Scholars
Weir Orpheus (The Song Sung True) 2016 ECE Scholars
Weir Sing (The Song Sung True) 2016 ECE Scholars
Weir Song (The Song Sung True) 2016 ECE Scholars
Wesley Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace 2012 Abroad
Wesley Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace 2013 Abbey Dore
Wetherell Shall I compare thee 2018 Abbey Dore
Wetherell Westminster Bridge 2018 Abbey Dore
Wetherell How like a winter 2019 Abbey Dore
Wetherell Let me not 2019 Abbey Dore
Wetherell Longing 2019 Abbey Dore
Whitacre Sleep 2016 Camerata Orford
Whitacre Lux Aurumque 2017 Abroad
Whitacre Sainte Chapelle 2019 Abbey Dore
Wilbye Draw on sweet night 2018 Camerata Durham
Wilbye Sweet honey-sucking bees 2018 Camerata Orford
Wilbye O God, the rock of my whole strength 2019 Abbey Dore
Williams Serenade to Music 2019 Abbey Dore
Wood Hail gladdening light 2015 Camerata Orford