Paul Spicer's English Choral Experience

About the English Choral Experience

The English Choral Experience offers a variety of choral courses for lovers of singing and English music, set in glorious locations at home and abroad and directed by the leading choral director Paul Spicer.

The English Choral Experience Week, now in its 16th year, traditionally takes place towards the end of July within the former Cistercian Dore Abbey in Herefordshire’s Golden Valley. Inclusive of fine dining, evening events, an arts exhibition and the chance to extend your creative skills beyond that of singing, it is a time to relax and enjoy the bonhomie that is a part of every good choral experience.

Camerata is the programme aimed at a chamber choir of expert, ambitious and high achieving singers, run over a weekend in an expanding number of attractive locations.

Each course features a wide-ranging repertoire which is different for each location. The cost is inclusive of the whole weekend, including refreshments and lunch, but excludes the cost of any music copies that you wish to purchase.

ECE Abroad allows you to spend a glorious week of fine music-making in the south of France. But, being France, you can also expect to experience the finest of food and wine, all included in the cost.